Marine Insurance


The purpose of a cargo insurance is to protect the customer against financial risks. The carrier is not always liable for damage to or loss of goods. If the carrier is liable, his liability is limited, depending on the type of transport. This liability is in line with the BIFA and RHA Terms and Conditions (see details under “links” section of this website). However, it is possible to request the Carrier / Agent to act as an intermediary and take out an insurance that will cover almost all products forwarded through the system, for only a nominal arrangement fee.

We provide marine insurance cover for all cargo movements, whether by sea, air or land. Our continuing commitment is to providing an exceptional service at competitive premiums. We can arrange for the insurance of individual shipments or, alternatively, if you perform regular shipments, we can arrange open marine cover which can provide a more cost effective solution.

All our employees come from a strong freight forwarding background, which ensures we provide the appropriate cargo insurance cover. We would be pleased to discuss this you in more detail, once we have had the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of your specific requirements.

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